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Travelling again

We’re on hiatus right now as some lucky band members go travelling. Go Holly, go Jayne!


Whangateau Hall Monday 25 September 2017

We’re excited to bring our music to the Whangateau Hall up near Leigh.

When you’ve got a beautiful wooden 110+ year old hall near Leigh with amazing acoustics what can you do but  invite talented musicians to come play there, says the asks the Whangateau Hall Folk Music and Social Club. And then you invite everyone in the community to come out and watch them and hang out together.

These guys know how to run a folk club:

There is no committee. There is no plan.

* Acoustic musicians only, please. No drum kits or keyboards. And definitely no laptops. We will have microphones and a rudimentary PA, but no amplifiers. If it can conceivably be played at a campground, it’s probably OK.

Yes this is our kind of place!


East Coast Bays Folk Club Friday 1 December 2017

Always a pleasure to play at this great folk club. This will be the last night before Christmas so bound to a bit of extra fan fare and we promise to learn a Christmas song or two for the occasion.

Venue:           Torbay Senior Citizens’ Social Centre (behind main Torbay shops at 37 Watea Road)
When:            8pm, first Friday of each month (except January)
Format:         Casual performers in the 1st half with a featured guest in the 2nd half.
Web:              East Coast Bays Folk Club